Song of Lodro Thaye (Out of Print PDF)


Jamgon Kongtrul (1813-1899 CE), also called Lodro Thaye was an incredible practitioner and scholar who composed over 90 volumes of Buddhist works and is especially known for his encyclopedic work the Five Great Treasuries and being a major member of the Rime movement. 

After doing a long retreat in which he practiced Mahamudra, Jamgon Kongtrul composed a 273 line spiritual song of realization on the whole path of Mahamudra meditation. However, the spiritual song is condensed in meaning and one needs someone accomplished in Mahamudra meditation to explain the meaning of this great work. Such a person is Thrangu rinpoche who not only was asked to establish the curriculum of the Kagyu lineage after the Tibetans were forced into exile in 1959, but who also taught the four major regents of the lineage including Jamgon Kongtrul’s reincarnation.

Two translators––Sarah Harding and Cornelia Weishaar-Gunter went through the original tapes of this teaching given at Gampo Abbey to produce an extremely accurate translation of Thrangu Rinpoche’s line by line commentary in this 173 page book.

This book is Out of Print so we offer this as a PDF which is an exact copy of the book.

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