Uttaratantra: A Treatise on Buddha-essence (Book)


The Uttaratantra Shastra or the Sublime Contuum elucidates the Third Turning of the Buddha's Teachings on Buddha-essence--the inherent qualities and potential for Buddhahood present in all beings. This book includes a translation of the 404 verses of the root text of Asanga who received them from the Buddha Maitreya as well as a detailed explanation of these verse by verse in easy to understand language by Thrangu Rinpoche.

The foundation of all meditation is, of course, understanding the mind and its workings. The fundamental understanding of the mind involves understanding, first of all, that all external appearances that we engage in are insubstantial or "empty." But with closer observation we will become aware of the continuous awareness and cognizance of mind which the Kagyu, Nyingma, Sakya, and Jonang lineages call Buddha-nature. Since the Uttaratantra is the original definitive teaching on Buddha-nature, it is considered the foundation of understanding the Shentong view of reality.

"The Uttaratantra elucidates the Third Turning of the Buddha's teachings on Buddha-essence--the inherent qualities and potential for Buddhahood present in all beings. The elucidation of this potential shows emptiness and luminosity inseparable and is the bridge between the Sutra and Tantric paths, the view of Vajrayana and the ground of Mahamudra.

In addition to the theoretical transmission is the meditative approach to this text, the lineage of which has continued through the Kagyu tradition, received first by the Third Karmapa, Rangjung Dorje and continuing unbroken to the present day. This is what is transmitted here through the great wisdom and compassion of Khabje Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche, the supreme abbot, scholar and highly realized master of the Kagyu lineage." --Lama Karma Shedrup

This 283 page book was translated by Ken and Katia Holmes and includes extensive notes and an extensive Glossary. The paperback book leaves out the Tibetan script, but is otherwise exactly the same as the full book of 490 pages. 

Since this book is so central to Thrangu Rinpoche's teachings and also to the Shentong view, we have now priced this 283 page book at only $ 9.95.

The longer 490 page version of the Uttaratantra  incudes the Tibetan script of the root text and is in the PDF section of this website for $ 1.25.

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