Ornament of Clear Realization of Maitreya (Book)


The Ornament of Clear Realization is one of the Five Treatises of the Maitreya Buddha transmitted to Asanga in the 4th Century. The Ornament of Clear Realization take the vast teachings of the Prajnaparmita (Perfection of Wisdom) literature which make us thousands of pages and summarized them into 70 concise topics.

Previous translation of the this book were written by scholars using cmlicated technical language and numerous footnotes. This book has the complete root text and an extensive commentary by Thrangu Rinpoche explaing this text in a meaningful way to help ordinary pracitioners understand this text.

The Ornament of Clear Realization (Skt. abhidharma-samlankara) describes the meaning of emptiness, the true nature of phenomena the Five Paths, and the ten bodhisattva levels in great detail. It is also a detailded teaching on the three vehicles and their path to enlightenment.

This book is the second edition of the book of 203 pages by Thrangu Rinpoche and many reference material from the book are available as free downloads in the "advanced section" of this website along with a download of the root text in Tibetan script and English on the opposing page.


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