Chenrezig: Lord of Love by Bokar Rinpoche (PDF)


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Chenrezig is the most popular deity in Tibet. This is a very easy Vajrayana practice that developes a person's compassion. One high lama has said, "However far you are one the path of compassion, that is how far along you are on the road to enlightement."

One does not need an empowerment to do Chenrezig, it has a very simple, but powerful visualization, and the mantra is very concise: OM MANI PEDME HUNG.

In this 110 page book Bokar Rinpoche begins with explaining why one needs to do Chenrezig (sometimes calle Avalokitishvara) practice, the principles behind this practice, and the phases one goes through in this practice. He then goes through basic information on meditation practice in general and then how one can apply these principles after one gets of the meditation cushion and continues one's daily life.

If you are interested in doing this practice, please go to the practice section of this website and you can get a practice booklet with the whole practice in Tibetan and English with visualizations and other information for free download. 

Chenrezig also has a tune which you can download from the Practice section and there are also many Chenrezig videos on YouTube. You will find the practice has different tunes and pronounces the Tibetan words slighly differently.


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