Death And The Art of Dying by Bokar Rinpoche (PDF)

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This 140 page book first of all explains what happens when we die. Bokar Rinpoche describes the process of dying for ordinary beings, practitioners and also great practitioners. After we have stopped breathing, our mind continues on through the bardo of the moment of death, then the bardo of dharmata when the mind separates from the body, and finally the bardo of becomming in which we choose a rebirth. 

To prepare for the process of dying, going through the bardos and being reborn to into a favorable body requires a great deal of practice before we die. Bokar explains these with in understandable and lucid language and offers a great many insights of how to prepare for death.

This book is difficult to get so we offer it as a Free PDF.

This website also has a section on PDFs based on Buddhist topics with other books by the bardo.

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