Meditation Advice to Beginners by Bokar Rinpoche (PDF)

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We have a number of books on techniques to do several kinds of meditation, but this book of 150 pages by Bokar Rinpoche in many ways is unique in that it begins talking to the reader as if the reader knows nothing about meditation. For example, he asks the question "what is the sky?" and shows that we can all point to it, but we cannot explain what it is exactly. He then takes on meditation in the same way in amazing clarity.

Bokar Rinpoche then goes through why we meditate, how we do Shamatha and Vipashyana, how we hold our body, and how we develop excellent habits that make this meditation productive. It has six nice line drawngs and several photographs of the meditation posture.

This book has been out of print for years and so we make it available as a PDF and Free for everyone to appreciate.

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