Secret Buddhism: Vajrayana Practices by Kalu Rinpoche (PDF)

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Clear Point Press published three excellent books as a series by Kalu Rinpoche. The first was Excellent Buddhism which contains practice in daily life and some background to Kalu Rinpoche.

The second book was Profound Buddhism which were teachings on the Foundation and the Mahayana vehicles. This book covered the nature of mind, emptiness, compassion, dealing with the disturbing emotions, samsara and Karma.

The third book Secret Buddhism teaches about the teachings of the Vajrayana (the Vajrayana was once called "the secret mantrayana" and this has nothing to with it being secret. Rather they are practices which need guidance from a lama to be succesful). This third volumn covers the use of mantras, empowerments, the six dharmas of naropa as well as teachings on the bardo (the period from death and the next lifetime.

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