Instructions of Gampopa by Khenpo Karthar (PDF)

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Gampopa one of the founders of the Kagyu Lineage was asked to give advice to his many students. He then came up with a unique set of 28 lists each which had 10 different instructions in them make a set of 280 instructions. Here Khenpo Kathar explains each of these items in detail so these are not just lists--then are a complete set set of what one should be aware of to reach realization.

Examples of the list are Ten causes of loss, ten necessary things for your practice, ten things you can rely on and 10 things you must abandon, ten things which you should know, the ten deviations and ten confusions and so on.

I have never seen so much advice packed into one book (the advice is 150 pages long) and the book also includes these lists in case you want to put it on your refigerator and also the Tibetan script.

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