Beautiful Song of Marpa by Khenpo Tsultrim (PDF)

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In 1991 Khenpo Tsultrim Rinpoche gave a far ranging teaching on the Shentong view or reality and Buddha nature. So the first half of this book is devoted to this topic.

In 1994 Khenpo Tsultrim gave a set of talks at Karma Ling in which he discussed four Spritual Songs by Milarepa. The first was the Spritual Song explaining the three nails which a nail is an important point that has to be nailed down.

He then taught on Milarepa's Eight Ornaments of Profound Meaning and The Song of the Profound Definitive Meaning which refers to the true nature of reality. In the third song, the Three Kinds of Conficence which Milarepa actually sang to his guru Marpa and told him of the three things he was confident in--that there is no arising, that everything is equal, and that samsara and nirvana are not separate, that the five paths and ten bodhisattvas levels are false, and one should not believe in hope and fear.

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