Guru Yoga: Union of Bliss and Emptiness by Dalai Lama (PDF)

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The Dalai Lama, of course, is an extremely popular Buddhist and his books are for the layperson, not scholar and are therefore very easy to read.

This book is an advanced book by the Dalai Lama on the practice of Guru Yoga. Guru Yoga is a practice of guru yoga.

"Guru yoga is an important aspect of the tantric practice of Mahayana Buddhism and the foundation on which the whole tantric structure is built; it is also the force that gives vitality to a serious practitioner’s meditation. Unlike other systems, tantric meditation depends largely upon inspiration transmitted in an unbroken lineage through a living person, the guru. Practitioners should first be initiated into the dis- cipline through an empowerment ceremony that makes their mental continuum receptive to the intricate meditative techniques of tantra, following which they should be led through the successive stages of the path by an expert guide.

This book presents a practical instruction which blends the essential aspects of the sutra path together with the profound tantric techniques that activate the latent spiritual forces within us. By laying the basic framework of the entire Buddhist path, it also sets down the guidelines for undertaking a complete form of practice on a daily basis."

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