Amitayus and Two Long Life Deities (Picture for purchase)


Amitayus is a diety connected with long life. He is very closely connected to the Buddha Amitabha and is on a lotus throne, red in color, sitting in the vajra posture, with his hands in his lap in the meditation (zen) mudra and is holding a vase of long life amrita in his lap.

At the bottom are the two other long life deities who are White Tara on the left and Ushnisha Vijaya on the right. It is traditional for a family or practitioners of a monastery of a tulku to commision a thangka such as this to ward off obstacles and negative influences. Often the Amitabha practice is then incorporated into the practitioner's life.

This set includes a 8 x 10 inch high quality picture (300 dpi)and a smaller 4 x 6 inch photo with free postage for $ 2.00.

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