Green Tara on a Lake (Picture to Purchase)


Tara is the most popular female deity in Tibet and there are actually 21 aspects to Tara. Green Tara is said to have arisen from the tears of Chenrezig. The Green Tara practice which is usually done early in the morning each of these 21 aspects are given.

Green Tara is emerald green to represent abundance such as the growth in nature and her right hand is in the wish-granting mudra and the right hand blue upala flower. Unlike White Tara her right leg is extended to represents her willingness to arise and help others. This is a particularly beautiful print.

This set includes a 8 x 10 inch high quality picture (300 dpi) and a smaller 4 x 6 inch photo with free postage for $ 2.00.

You can also download this image from this website for $ 0.50.

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