Guru Rinpoche Alone (Picture for purchase)


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Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) was considered a second Buddha in Tibet because he brought Buddhism from India to Tibet and established its first lineage--the Nyingma lineage.

In this depiction Guru Rinpoche is in the mudra of the Konchog Chidu Practice on a lotus throne with his staff which symbolically represent his female consort. Thrangu Rinpoche recommends the Konchog Chidu practice for a Guru Rinpoche practice and it is given in the Practice Materials section of this website.

The Konchog Chidu practice can be found in the Practice Materials of this website for free which gives all the iconography of Chenrezig.

This set includes a 8 x 10 inch high quality picture (300 dpi) and a smaller 4 x 6 inch photo with free postage for $ 2.00.

You can also download this image from this website for $ 0.50.

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