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The deities in Tibetan Buddhism are divided into peaceful and wrathful deities. The wrathful ones are often Dharma protectors and one of the most famous dharma protector is Mahakala. Mahakala comes in many forms with the two-armed, four-armed and six-armed Mahaka being most common. Mahakala is usually black or blue and with one form being white.

This picture is a particularly detailed 6-armed Mahakala who dark blue in color representing his dharmakaya nature (such as Vajradhara) surrounded by flames to burn off any negative emotions. He has a third eye showing he can see beyond ordinary sight and has a crown of five skulls for the five poisons or disturbing emotions (kleshas). He is on a lotus flower and a sun yellow disk that illuminates the darkness of negative actions. He is standing on an elephant deity who represents power and wealth to increase samsara.

He has six arms representing the six paramitas and in his lower two arms his right hand is holding a knife to cut ego attachment and the left hand holding a skull cup filled with blood representing the subjugation of evil doers. His next two arms he hold a dharmaru in his right hand which allows him to summon the dakinis (as is done in many sadhanas) and the left a lasso to hold those who break their vows. On his top set of arms in his right hand is a mala of skulls representing endless activity in the Dharma and in his left a trident with three blades to destroy attachment, aggression, and ignorance.

For clothing besides having the bracelets, anklets, earrings and necklace of deities, he also has a tiger skin, snake bracelet,  and elephant skin representing overcoming desire, anger and pride.

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Six Armed Mahakala


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