Chenrezig and Five Wisdom Buddhas (Picture to purchase)


Chenrezig also known by his Sanskrit name Avalokiteshvara is the most popular deity in Tibet. He is the deity of representing compassion and his mantra is the famous: OM MANI PEDME HUNG. The Chenrezig practice is done every night by the children attending his school in Nepal. The practice has spread across the world and is practiced daily in many Buddhist centers.

Chenrezig is white in color and sitting in a vajra posture on a 16 lotus petal throne and a moon disk. he holds a wish-fulfilling jewel in two of his arms and a crystal mala (representing his peaceful nature) and a lotus flower in his other left hand. Above him are the Five Buddhas representing the five wisdom attained at enlightenment. Below him is Guru Rinpoche (Skt. Padmasambhava) in the Konchog Chidu position and to his right is White Tara and to his left is King Trisong Detsen. Guru Rinpoche, King Trisong Detsen, the Dalai Lama (not shown) are considered emanations of Chenrezig.

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