Chenrezig Alone (Picture for Purchase)


Chenrezig also known by his Sanskrit name Avalokiteshvara is the most popular deity in Tibet. He is the deity of representing compassion and his mantra is the famous: OM MANI PEDME HUNG. The Chenrezig practice is done every night by the children attending Thrangu Rinpoche's grade school in Nepal. The practice has spread across the world and is practiced daily in many Buddhist centers and does not need an empowerment to be practiced.

Chenrezig is white in color and sitting in a vajra posture on a 16 lotus petal throne and a moon disk. he holds a wish-fulfilling jewel in his two lower arms which represents that when one becomes realized then everything one wants is fulfilled. In his right hand he holds a 
crystal mala which represents peaceful and pure nature of his compassion for all sentient beings and in his left hand he holds a lotus flower representing enlightenment.

In the Practice Materials on this website you can download the Chenrezig practice for free with an explanation of how to do this practice and more on the iconography of Chenrezig.

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