White Tara Wish Fulfilling Wheel by Khenpo Karthar (Book)


White Tara is practiced by all four major schools in Tibet. There are actually several Tara practices, but White Tara's special function is to promote long life both for the practitioner and for all others. Ultimately, White Tara is the nature of Dharmakaya and accomplishing her practice leads to attaining realization. 

Tara was a deity in India who practice was to protect form many forms of harm such as drowning. Nagarjuna who lived 2,000 years ago practice Tara an this practice was brought to Tibet by Atisha about 1,000 years ago. Khenpo Kathar Rinpoche lived in Thrangu Rinpoche's monastery in Tibet and is now at KTD monastery in Woodstock which is the seat of the 17th Karmapa in the United States. He has been doing the practice for over 50 years and has done some extenisve White Tara retreats. 

This book of 170 pages presents a thorough step-by-step description of each verse as well as its meaning in a straightforeward manner with examples from Khenpo Kathar's experience. There are two versions of this practice in the Kagyu lienage and this book includes both of these practices giving the Tibetan, the transliteration, and the English.

It is really hard to imagine a more easy to understand and comprehensive book on this practice.

This book is also available as a PDF download for $ 1.25 and can be downloaded from the PDF section of this website.

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