White Tara Practice with Guidance (PDF)

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White Tara is practiced by all four major schools in Tibet. There are actually several Tara practices with the best know being White Tara and Green Tara. The Practice of White Tara is a practice to protect all sentient beings from harm of all kinds and has a special function is to promote long life both for the practitioner and for all others.

The great teacher Nagarjuna who lived in the first century of our era it is said he practiced White Tara in India. White Tara was brought to Tibet by Atisha about 1,000 years ago has been practiced ever since in Tibet and has now spread across the world.

This White Tara Practice with Guidance has the practice in Tibetan script, transliteration, and English. On the right side is a box with the visualizations, the mudras, the music, and explanation of the text. In addition, it includes a description of linage of this practice, a picture of the vajra fence and Taras palace, a diagram of the wheel with the Tibetan letters on them, a detailed description of the visualization during the mantra repetition and a picture of the White Tara torma to be visualized.

The White Tara practice is very subtle and complicated and it is highly recommended that you also get Khenpo Karthars White Tara: Wish-fulfilling Wheel which is an invaluable resource. This book is also available in PDF form at on this website.

Available is also a high quality, copyright-free photo of a thangka of White Tara on this website under Photos.

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