Introduction to Chod by Thrangu Rinpoche (PDF)

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The main chöd practice, pronounced Chö, originated by a Tibetan, Machig Lhabron, and is known because it is the only proctice which become so famous that it was actually brought to India from Tibet. Chö meaning "cut" is a Vajrayana practice to cut one's ego. We as ordinary people are most attached to our body and this attachment propogates a great belief and feeling of self. Attachment to the self leads us to do unvirtuous actions and activities. Therefore, in this pactice we visualize our body being cut up into parts and fed to malevalent forces (demons). This leads to a meditation which slowly helps in developing selflessness or egolessness.

This 31 page teaching was given in Germany in 2006 by Thrangu Rinpoche and is translated here into English. It is an excellent introduction to and gives a great deal of background to this practice.

Unfortunately, Thrangu Rinpoche never had the printing of the Cho practice and so we have included the practice from other trusted teachers.

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