Thrangu Rinpoche Open Door to Emptiness (Mobi)

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One of the most important concepts in Mahayana Buddhism is the concept of Emptiness. We have external experiences that appear, but when they are examined closely in four careful analyses of the Middle-way (Madhyamaka) they are found to be insubstantial or lack inherent reality. This fact has led the Buddha and many highly realized masters to declare that our reality is like a mirage, a dream, a drop of dew. In this book written for the practitioner, Thrangu Rinpoche very lucidly goes through the arguments of how things can be "empty" using examples and non-technical language.

Understanding emptiness is important because if we don't fully comprehend the emptiness of phenomena, we cannot actually reduce our attachment to the world. Without this, we cannot develop true, universal compassion for all sentient beings.

In this book, Thrangu Rinpoche gives a careful evaluation of the four great analyses of Mipham Rinpoche in his Gateway to Knowledge in a simple, direct, and practical manner.

"The teachings of Thrangu Rinpoche, the supreme lord of refuge and great abbot, are to be taken not as mere commentary upon the words and an explanation of their meaning, but rather as actual blessings and instructions drawn from his experience, ornamented by love, compassion, and realization. " --Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche

In this book, Rinpoche discusses the four common foundations, which are the four thoughts to contemplate before beginning a spiritual practice.

The first foundation, precious human birth, explains in detail why practice is important. The second foundation, impermanence, teaches us to find something meaningful in life.

The most difficult to understand foundation, karma, is lucidly explained by Thrangu Rinpoche. Because of karma, we can determine if we will have a fortunate or unfortunate future. Then, after we have practiced, we must return to conventional reality (samsara) and so the fourth reminder is a review of the characteristics of samsara.

This book also includes Khenpo Karpo's excellent survey of the points of meditation and practice to round out the four foundations.

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