Opening to Our Primordial Nature by Palden Sherab PDF

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This is a comprehensive book that teaches almost everything one needs to know about meditation: Below are some of the Chapters:

Taming the Mind

The Causes and Conditions of the Mind

The Primordial Nature

Taking Refuge

Trainingin Discipline, Concentration,and Wisdom 

Cultivating Bodhichitta 


ThePower of Compassion 

The Inseparability of Compassion and Emptiness  

The Channels and Winds 

Meditation Posture and Breath Purification  

 Meditating on the True Nature of the Mind

The Five Supports of Meditation  

Shamatha and Vipashyana  

Ngondro Practice 

Vajrayana Meditation 

The Tantric Tradition and Terma 

Guru Padmasambhava  

Guru Yoga Practice  

Advice on Visualization 

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