Mipham's Sword of Wisdom by Palden Sherab PDF

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“I am delighted with this translation of Mipham Rinpoche’s Sword of Wisdom. Personally, this text has helped me so much in understanding the system of basic logic and reasoning that elucidates the profound meaning of the two truths. It is a true gem for beginners and learned alike. Time and time again, it can serve as an invaluable resource to refine and deepen one’s knowledge of all schools of the Buddhadharma.”

—Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche


Mipham’s Sword of Wisdom explores the Nyingma-lineage understanding of valid cognition in Vajrayana Buddhism. This translation, a clear and concise primer on higher realization through valid cognition in Buddhist philosophy, presents these ideas in English for the very first time and includes the sutra presentation of the two truths and the tantra teachings of the two truths as the purity and equality of all phenomena.

When you’ve finished Mipham’s Sword of Wisdom, you’ll have rich insights into Nyingma teachings on valid cognition, a profound new understanding of the two truths and their inseparability, a solid foundation in valid cognition through direct perception and reasoning according to the traditional Indian treatises of Dharmakirti and Dignaga, and much more.

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