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Written Dharma Materials

Code Name of the Material Length
FD01 From Three Vehicles of Buddhism:
The Foundation Vehicle
40 pages
FD02 The Life of the Buddha and the Four Noble Truths 46 pages
FD03 Buddhist Conduct: Ten Virtuous Actions 41 pages
FD04 A Guide to Shamatha Meditation 42 pages
FD05 Mahamudra and the Kagyu Lineage 7 pages
FD06 Mindfulness and Alertness from Bodhisattva’s Way. 38 pages
FD07 Entering the Dharma 2 pages
FD08 Do Not Be Discouraged by Khenpo Kathar 1 page
FD09 Six Paramitas by Tai Situpa 11 pages
FD10 Life of Thrangu Rinpoche
long biography
39 pages
FD11 25 Quotations and short teachings of Thrangu Rinpoche 14 pages
FD12 Root Text of King of Samadhi by Roberts 562 pages
  Tsele Natsok Rangdrol : The Mirror of Mindfulness Teachings on the Bardos root text 144 pages

2. Meditation Practice Texts

Code Name of the Material Length
FD36 Long Life Prayers for H. H. Dalai Lama, HH Gyalwa Karmpa, Thrangu Rinpoche, and Dedication of Merit 2 pages
FD46 A Short Mahakala Practice 7 pages
FD48 Dewachen Prayer for Rebirth in Sukavati 2 pages
FD50 The King of Aspirations Text 18 pages
FD52 Taking the Refuge Vow 4 pages
FD54 Taking the Bodhisattva Vow 4 pages
FD56 Sending and Receiving Practice (Tonglen) by Thrangu Rinpoche 2 pages
FD58 Calling the Guru from Afar 7 pages
Karma Kagyu - Lineage Tree Lineage Holders Named (.jpg)
Karma Kagyu - Lineage Tree Labels (.jpg)

3. Audio of Meditation Practices

Code Name of the Material Length
FD72 Chenrezig Practice
with Lama Kathy
22 minutes
FD73 Chenrezig Mantra
with Thrangu Rinpoche
27 minutes
FD74 Dewachen Prayer to be born in the pure land
with Lama Kathy
2 minutes
FD76 Karma Kagyu Lineage Prayer or Mahamudra Lineage Prayer (Tib. Dorje Chang Tungma) 6 minutes
FD78 Long Life Prayers for Dalai Lama, Karmapa, Thrangu Rinpoche, and Dedication of Merit 4 minutes
FD82 Short Mahakala Practice
with Khenpo Jigme
6 minutes
FD84 The Manjushri Prayer
with Khenpo Jigme
5 minutes
FD86 The Medicine Buddha Practice
with Lama Tashi Namgyal
23 minutes
FD87 Medicine Buddha Mantra 8 minutes
FD88 Tashi Prayer or Eight Auspicious Ones prayer
with Khenpo Jigme