Kagyu Lineage Prayer with Guidance (PDF)


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This PDF of the Kagyu Lineage Prayer contains the Tibetan script, the transliteration, and the English as well as a column explaining the visualization and the meaning of the words and enumerations in the text. It also contains a full color page of the lineage tree with lables below each individual and a chart giving their full names, dates, and titles of these individuals. Included is a description of the 8 greater and 4 lesser lineages, a chart of the short lineage visualization and a teaching by Khenpo Kathar on the Meaning of Vajradhara.

Thrangu Rinpoche has also written a 150 page book on this lineage prayer and how it relates to and is a manual on Mahamudra meditation. This book entitled The Mahamudra Lineage Prayer: A Guide to Practice is available in the book section of this website.

In addition in the photo section of this website we have two full color  8x10 photos of the lineage tree with lables below every person and photos with no lables.

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