Tara: The Feminine Divine by Bokar Rinpoche (PDF)


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In this book of 170 pages Bokar presents a detailed explanation of Tara with many wonderful stories where Tara had helped in recent times. He describes both White Tara and Green Tara. He give extensive emplanations of these two Taras.

Then Bokar Rinpoche presents the Praise of the 21 Taras practice in English and also in Tibetan script. He gives a extensive commentary on each of the 21 stanzas of this practice (there being 21 Taras in the Green Tara practice). 

In the next chapter enitles Buddhism and Women Bokar Rinpoche gives a detailed description of Female Practitioners in the history. He describes remarkable women in Indian Buddhism and then remarkable women in Tibetan Buddhism.

Finally, Bokar Rinpoche has line drawings of all the Taras, thier names in Sanskrit and Tibetan and English and the charateristics of their iconography so that they can be readily identified.

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