Profound Buddhism by Kalu Rinpoche


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The Very Venerable Kalu Rinpoche was a beloved world-wide for his gentle, sincere, and straightforward way of presenting the Buddhist teachings, he was universally revered as one of the greatest Tibetan yogis of the century. Spending over 30 years meditating in hermitages and caves in the Himalayas, he achieved a profound level of realization and has often been compared to the great Buddhist saint, Milarepa.

In this book he gives an understanding of the three levels of Buddhism--The Foundation or Hinayana, the Mahayana, and the Vajrayana. This is not an academic book but a practical guide to all three levels which are necessary to reach enlightenment. It presents this by disussing the orgin of Buddhist communities (the sangha), how to transform various negative emotions with relevant examples, the various kinds of mind and then general topics such as how to develop compassion, how to work with enemies, how to help animals. Finally, he discusses the four common preliminaries, the links between the body and mind including the subtle channels, winds and drops, the six realms, the 12 links of interdependence and the different aspects of the body.

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