Karma Kagyu Lineage Tree with Labels (Downloadable Photo)

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This is one of our most popular photos which was prepared by Thrangu Rinpoche's center in Vancouver. It shows the entire refuge tree and also gives the name of each person on the tree clearly.

If you want to read the names of the Kagyu Lamas and deities and protectors, you should get the large photo which is very clear.

Also if you want to know who all these Karma Kagyu Lamas and deities and protectors are in the lineage tree, please go to free downloads and download "Names on the lineage tree" file.

All of these photos are at very high quality (300 dpi) and free of copyright restrictions. You can download the medium size (4 by 6 inches) or the large size (8 x 10 inches) or both.

If you want an actual photograph, you can order it on the Photo Prints section of this download which is more expensive and also involves postage charges.

Karma Kagyu Lineage Tree with Labels

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