Song of the Middle Way View of Rolpe Dorje(YouTube video)

Song of the Way View 

This Song of Realization by Rolpe Dorje was written in the 18th century and concerns recognizing the nature of mind. Rolpe Dorje in an oft quoted song of realization characterizes our failure to recognize our own mind as being like a small child sitting in his mother’s lap who forgets where he is and looks for his mother everywhere else.

This teaching is published in book form by Shambhala Publications entitled Harmony of the View which will give the root text and will also include two more long teachings by Thrangu Rinpoche.

The eight videos were translated by David Karma Choephel and the teaching was given at Crestone, Colorado in 2009.

We offer this set of 12 hours of teaching for free at Youtube. You can get these by going to: and clicking on videos.


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