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Chod which litterally means to "cut off" is a practice developed by the great woman practitioners Machig Labrang that has the aim of giving up one's self-cherishing. As long as we have a strong sense of self and of I and of mine, we will not be able to engage upon the great Mahamayana path of bodhichitta to enlightenment.

As Adzum Rinpoche once said, "However far along on the path of universal compassion, that is how far along you are on the path to enlightenment." In brief Chod pronounced "cho" is a practice in which we visualize our most cherished possession which is our own body and we imagine giving it away.

Namo Buddha Publications also carries an excellent Book entitled Cho: The Garden of All Joy which gives this practice and has an excellent commentary by Tenga Rinpoche.

These teachings are in an MP3 format which can be played on most devices--CD player, Computer, Tablet, Phone. The entire set of teachings can be downloaded for just $ 2.00.

If you want to have a physical CD of these audio teachings, please contact us ($ 3.00 plus postage).


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