Karma Kagyu Lineage Prayer Sarnath (Audio Download)


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Every single time that Thrangu Rinpoche teaches, he recites the Dorje Chang Prayer which summarizes the Mahamudra practice in a very concise and profound way.

This teaching was given in Sarnath, India in 2006 and consists of 6 teachings with David Karma Chophel translating. If you want a longer teaching on this subject, Namo Buddha Publications carries The Mahamudra Lineage Prayer: A Guide to Practice as a book available on this website.

There are six (one and a half hour) talks with Thrangu Rinpoche and then the English translation. You can also download the actual practice with notes on this website under Practice Materials.

These teachings are in an MP3 format which can be played on most devices--CD player, Computer, Tablet, Phone. The entire set of teachings can be downloaded for just $ 1.25.

If you want to have a physical CD of these audio teachings, please contact us ($ 3.00 plus postage).

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