Heart Sutra (Audio Download)


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The sutra teachings on the important Mahayana concept of emptiness vary from the extremely long Prajnaparamita sutra of 100,000 verses to the Prajanaparmita sutra of 25 tousand verses to the Prajnaparamita sutra of 8,000 verses and finally to the Heart Sutra which is only a few hundred words. In this teaching Thrangu Rinpoche gives a detailed explantion of this profound Heart Sutra in all its aspects in a simple and easy to understand way. The teachings were given in Sarnath, India in 2005 with David Karma Choephel translating.

There are eleven (one and a half hour) talks with Thrangu Rinpoche with the English translation. These particular teachings have not yet been published in book form.

These teachings are in an MP3 format which can be played on most devices--CD player, Computer, Tablet, Phone. This set of teachings can be downloaded for just $ 1.25.

If you want to have a physical CD of these audio teachings, please contact us ($ 3.00 plus postage).


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