Milarepa on the Middle Way (Audio Download)


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Milarepa one of the founding fathers of the Kagyu Lineage gave many teachings to his students based on his profound realization. Here Thrangu Rinpoche gave 22 teachings in a commentary on Milarepa's explanation of the Middle-way school of Buddhism.

Namo Buddha would like to publish these teachings, but must first obtain a reliable transcription of these teachings. Until then these MP3 are all that is available. This set is priced at $ 6.00 because of the extreme length of these teachings.

These teachings are in an MP3 format which can be played on most devices--CD player, Computer, Tablet, Phone. The entire set of teachings can be downloaded for just $ 1.25.

If you want to have a physical CD of these audio teachings, please contact us ($ 3.00 plus postage).

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