Tilopa's Vajra-dakini-bhavanadristicarya (PDF)

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There are 17 teachings by Tilopa recoreded in the Tibetan Tengyur. This is a translation by Torricelli of one of these.

The text is not ascribed to any author in the Tōhoku catalogue, but it is reasonable to deem it as a Tilopan one: not only for its position in the sDe dge and Co ne bsTan ’gyur, that is between the Vajraḍākinīniṣkāyadharma (Tō. 1527) and the Saṃvaropadeśamukhakarṇaparamparācintāmaṇi (Tō. 1529)—previous and next chapters—but also for the biographical content documented in the Tibetan hagiographic material concerning that siddha.

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