Tilopa's Vajra-dakini-kaya by Torricelli

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There are 17 teachings by Tilopa recorded in the Tibetan Tengyur. This is one of the 17 translated by Torricelli.

The Tibetan text of the Vajraḍākinīniṣkāyadharma (VḌNDh) or ‘Doctrines of the Incorporeal Adamantine Ḍākinīs’ can be read also in the bDe mchog snyan brgyud (bD) as it has been arranged and edited by Pad ma dkar po in the sixteenth century, and the gDams ngag mdzod (gD) edited by Kong sprul Blo gros mtha’ yas in the nineteenth.

The nine root verses interspersed in VḌNDh are widely documented in the bKa’ brgyud hagiographic literature, to begin with Tilopā’s earliest account (lo rgyus), composed by Mar pa Chos kyi blo gros in the eleventh century (β).

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