Song of the Dzogchen View of Mipham (DVD)

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This Song of the Dzogchen View is a doha written by the great Nyingma master Mipham who actually did a retreat at Thrangu Monastery in Tibet in the beginning of the twentieth century. Thrangu Rinpoche's commentary on this doha is based on a commentary by one of his important gurus, Khenpo Gangshar.

It begins with instructions for beginners on how to gain freedom from extremes. Mipham’s song continues with instructions on the actual practice of Dzogchen or how to see unobscured self-arisen awareness directly . This section of the song culminates in a profound meditation instruction on realizing the complete meaning of the union of awareness and emptiness.

The concluding sections his doha points out clearly both the helpful and misleading teachings found in the four major schools-- the Exposition, Sutrantika, Mind-only and Middle-way schools as presented by masters of the Sakya, Geluk, and Kagyu lineages. Thrangu Rinpoche’s extensive teachings elucidate the meaning and make this experiential song accessible to both beginning and advanced practitioners. The DVD contains Practice sessions as well as question and answer sessions further clarify the meaning. Mipham’s song, together with an outline extracted from Khenpo Gangshar’s commentary, is included with this DVD set. Teachings were translated by David Choepel.

This set is 2 DVDs long.

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