Shamatha and Vipashyana: Four Foundations (Book)

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In the Four Foundations of Buddhist Practice, Rinpoche discusses in this book the four common foundations, which are the four thoughts to contemplate before beginning a spiritual practice. There are many suggestions on what to practice, but Thrangu Rinpoche always recommend that we begin all Buddhist practice with these four contemplations. These four lines seem simple, but they are very profound and Rinpoche's commentary on them is 100 pages long.

The first foundation, precious human birth, explains in detail why practice is important. The second foundation, impermanence, teaches us to find something meaningful in life.

The most difficult to understand foundation, karma, is lucidly explained by Thrangu Rinpoche. Because of karma, we can determine if we will have a fortunate or unfortunate future. Then, after we have practiced, we must return to conventional reality (samsara) and so the fourth reminder is a review of the characteristics of samsara.

This book also includes Khenpo Karpo's excellent survey of the points of meditation and practice to round out the four foundations.

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