The Shangpa Teachings by Tai Situ Rinpoche (PDF)


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The Shangpa Lineage

Khentin Tai Situpa was one of the four regents of the Kagyu Lineage and perticipated in Thrangu Rinpoche and Khenpo Tsultrim’s first shedra at Rumtek. He speaks fluent English and has been teaching for 40 years, but unfortuantely very few of books in English are available in English .

We are now offering five books in PDF form of this extraordinary teacher.

The Shangpa Kagyu is one of the lesser known Kagyu lineages with the late Kalu Rinpoche being its most well-known member. The Shangpa teachings were almost lost in the 12th century and almost vanished until Jamgon Kongtrul helped revive it and the Tai Situ lineage help keep these teaching alive. The Shangpa lineage was founded by two women—Niguma (known for the Six Yogas of Niguma and said to be the sister of Tilopa) and Sukhasiddhi.

In this book, Tai Situ gives an interesting account and history the Shangpa lineage and its transmissions as well as the life of Niguma and of Sukhsiddhi. He then explains the yogic transmission of Virupa and Tilopa and has a long section on the Chakrasamvara Empowerment and the Six Yogas of Niguma.

Following this Tai Situ gives an explanation of Mahamudra, the Six Yogas of Sukhasiddhi, and gives instructions on how to practice and a number of half dozen other topics related to the Dharma based on questions from his students.

This PDF of 223 pages is an exact copy of the book. 

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