Life and Visions of Yeshe Tsogyal by Drime Kunga (E-pub and PDF)


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“To think of Yeshé Tsogyal only as the consort of Guru Rinpoche is very limited. Yeshé Tsogyal is actually the voice of Guru Rinpoche. In fact, she is Guru Rinpoche in feminine form. Countless times, Yeshé Tsogyal also leads us to a deeper understanding of the dharma by displaying curiosity and even manifesting as Guru Rinpoche’s disciple.

It is no wonder that nearly all the treasure teachings in the Nyingma tradition are in one way or another connected to the Lady Yeshé Tsogyal. If Guru Rinpoche is the sun, then without any doubt, Yeshé Tsogyal is the sun’s rays.   --Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse

This book is a translation of a text discovered by the Treasure Finder (Tib. terton) Drime Kunga and was translated by Chonyi Drolma. The book has a number of commentaries and a set of a dozen photos of places Yeshe Tsogyal was born and practice in and articles that Yeshe Tsogyal actually possessed.


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