Haribhadra's commentary on Ornament of Clear Realization (PDF)

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This is one of the most famous comnetaries on the Ornament of Clear Realization which was done by the 5th century Inidan Buddhist and Jain scholar Haribhadra. 

The title of the books is Abhisamayalomkara with Vritti and Aloka translated by Gareth Sparham.

Presented here are translations of the first, Knowledge of All Aspects, "chapters" of the Commentary (Vrtti) by Arya Vimuktisena and the Light (Alokii) by Haribhadra. Both are explanations of Maitreya's1 Ornament (Abhisamayiilarrzkiira), a short, but influential commentary on the Perfection of Wisdom Siitras.

The word abhisamaya is made up of the prefix abhi ("towards, over"), the prefix sam ("together with"), and the root i, a verb of motion with the secondary meaning "to understand." Generally speaking, abhisamaya means a coming together, a "re-union," particularly of a knower with something to be known, hence a "clear realization." In a title abhisamaya may just mean "chapter";5 hence the title Abhisamayiilmrzkiira means Ornament for the Clear Realizations or Ornament for the Chapters. 

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