Tilopa's Dohokosha trs Torricelli

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There are 17 teachings by Tilopa that are found in the Tibetan Tengyur and this is one of them translated by Torricelli.

The Dohākosas of Tilopa, and Saraha (contained in that manuscript dating back to the 12-13th century) were published together with their Sanskrit translation (chaya) in the Calcutta University Journal of Letters (1935). Bagchi (1938: i) wrote that of the two texts: "The former is entirely new whereas the second is a very correct and more complete copy of the Dohäkosa of Saraha already known." Then, in 1938, they found their place with the title Dohäkosa at no.25 of the Calcutta Sanskrit Series, together with other fragments of songs by Saraha and a Dohäkosa of Kānhi.

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