Seven Points of Mind Training Newly Revised (book)



The great Indian Buddhist scholar Atisha went to Indonesia and spent 12 yearrs studying Buddhism there. When he returned to India and later Tibet, he condensed his realization into short one-line instructions on how to behave correctly as a Buddhist and how to develop one's practice to become a Bodhisattva. His student, Chekawa Yeshe Dorje, condensed these teachings, sometimes called "slogans," into 59 intructions which are now called The Seven Points of Mind Training. 

These 59 instructions on Mind Training are short, easily memorized and then will pop into our mind in the many situations of our daily life helping us to make decisions that will produce positive karma for us and others.

The Seven Points of Mind Training is a method of developing a relative universal compassion for all sentient beings or bodhichitta practice which was brought to Tibet by the great Atisha. This practice is very effective in working with emotions. One usually learns a number of instructions and every time the situation where the solution is one of these instructions, one thinks of the instruction and changes one's behavior.

These short instructions are sometimes a little cryptic and Thrangu Rinpoche clearly explains these Seven Points which are presented in Jamgon Kongtrul Lodrö Thaye’s classic text, The Great Path of Awakening. In Rinpoche’s view, the combination of Mahamudra and Mind Training is an excellent balance of ultimate and relative bodhichitta practice that together offer a swift path to full realization.

Under Thrangu Rinpoche's direction Mechele Martin has made a new translation of the original Tibetan. Some of these instructions are hard to understand and Thrangu Rinpoche's commentary greatly clarifies the intent and meaning of these profound instructions.

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