Milarepa's Wisdom (Book)


Milarepa was Tibet's most famous saint who renouced dark magic and with Buddhist practice was able to become realized in one lifetime. Practicing in the high Himalayan mountains, wearing only a cotton robe, he taught the Dharma through beautiful, imagery-filled spiritual songs making them very accesible to the reader.

Milarepa's Wisdom's begins with a retellling of the stories of ten different songs which Milarepa gave to his human students and also to non-human beings. These stories contain a wide variety of profound realizations that illustrate Milarepa's intense devotion and insight on the path to enlightenment.

In the second section of the book, Rinpoche gives a thorough commentary on the Thirty Instructions that Milarepa received from his guru, Marpa, and then sang to his heart-son Gampopa. If we were to follow these instructions carefully and understand them as given in the Rinpoche's commentary, we would become an outstanding practitioner.

In the third section of Milarepa's Wisdom Rinpoche takes Milarepa's Song on the Middle Way to demonstrate that Milarapa was not just an unschooled yogi in the mountains, but that had a profound understanding of Buddhist philosophy. After all Milarepa studied for about a dozen years under Marpa who as an outstanding scholar and translator. In this song we he presents the Shentong view of emptiness many years before the Shentong view was recognized by Tibetan scholars.

Since this is Thrangu Rinpoche's latest book to be published, we are offering this book of 269 pages for only $ 9.95 and the PDF of it for our normal price of $ 1.25.

This book is the third of a trilogy Thrangu Rinpoche has taught on the foundation and basic teachings of the Kagyu lineage. The other two are Tilopa's Wisdom and Naropa's Wisdom we we are making available at the same $ 9.95 price. The three together represent a thorough panorama of the teachings of the foundation of the Kagyu lineage.


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