Twelve Links of Interdependent Origination (Book)


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The Buddha taught that our world was not created by some kind of creator. Rather he taught that everything in samsara follows the process of interdependent origination in which one action or event causes another event, which causes another event, and so on. In personal terms, interdependent origination explains how the happiness and suffering in our present life is the result of actions in our previous lives, and how this process proceeds through twelve links.

In this book Thrangu Rinpoche discusses the theory of cause and effect or karma, presents each of the twelve links of interdependent origination and how they are graphically depicted in the Wheel of Life. He also discusses the five aspects of causality, gives eight examples of interdependence, and the relationship of interdependence and how these are related the Sutras and Mahamudra meditation. Finally, the twelve links are illustrated using a real-life example.

The book has 46 pages, notes and a glossary.

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