Creation and Completion (Book)


Creation and Completion is a unique guide to the practice of Tibetan Buddhist tantra. Drawing on experiential explanations from two great masters, it is both concise and thorough, both authoritative and clear.

In the creation stage of tantra, practitioners visualize themselves in the form of Buddhas and other enlightened beings. This meditation practice prepares the mind for engaging in the completion stage, where one comes face to face with the ultimate nature of mind and reality.

Jamgon Kongtrul, a pivotal figure in the Buddhist rime movement of nineteenth-century Tibet, was a master practitioner and one of Tibetan Buddhism's most prolific writers. His guide to tantric Buddhist meditation, translated here by Sarah Harding, was written in the form of a spiritual song. The commentary on this song by Thrangu Rinpoche skillfully clarifies the nuances of Kongtrul's text, making the language come alive in a practical way for the modern reader.

Harding's excellent introduction distills the essential features of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. The powerful meditation instructions, traditionally reserved for initiates alone, will be of immense value, both to aspiring and experienced practitioners alike.

This 193 page paperback from Wisdom Publications contains the original Spiritual Song (Doha) in Tibetan script and an excellent introduction,  extensive notes, glossary, and index by Sarah Harding.

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