Journey of the Mind: Preparing for the Bardo (Book)


New Edition for 2024 - Includes content from 3 different bardo related teachings given by Thrangu Rinpoche, including teachings on The Mirror of Mindfulness. 

The Bardo is the interval between when we die and when we are reborn. For ordinary persons the experience in the bardo is a very frightening with uncontrolled streams of visions, sounds that are louder than thunder, and frightening deities and visions. For the unprepared mind these could lead to a very undesirable rebirth.

In this book Thrangu Rinpoche describes that when we are alive, we can prepare for this experience of dying and why this will be very beneficial to us. Rinpoche describes activities that we can do in our daily life and also our sleep and outside of our meditation to prepare for the Bardo. If we are meditators, Rinpoche describes and explains the medita-tions that are specifically beneficial for the Bardo experience.

Rinpoche also describes the nine stages of death at we go through and what we and companions helping us can do to help us in the dying process. He then describes the visions and sounds of the bardo and how to deal with our fear and how to make correct choices in the Bardo.

This book is a very lucid, comprehensive, and practical explanation of the bardo. It contains extensive appendices and color pictures to help anyone interested in navigating the bardo.

This book of over 200 pages is Thrangu Rinpoche's latest book and has a list price of $19.95 and is available for $ 9.95 in book form and $ 1.25 in PDF form.


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