Life and Spiritual Songs of Milarepa (PDF)


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Milarepa was one of the greatest Buddhist saints to have ever lived. His incredible story of accomplishing enlightenment in one lifetime is one of the truly inspirational books in Buddhism. 

What Milarepa practiced, realized, and taught was Mahamudra, which is the main meditation of the Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism. This tradition has been passed down orally from guru to disciple often by way of spiritual songs. These songs are a distillation of a practitioner's lifetime of meditation and illustrate the yogi's spontaneous realization. 
Since spiritual songs (dohas) are quite concise and poetical, they often need a commentary to explain all the nuances of what they mean. In this book, Thrangu Rinpoche shares his wisdom on the life and teachings of Milarepa through explaining meaning of a series of ten spiritual songs from Milarepa's One Hundred Thousand Songs.

The paperback version of this book is out of print. However, we offer this PDF of the book.

The PDF is an exact copy of the paperback book and can be viewed on almost any computer or tablet.

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