Sixteen Arhats text and pictures (PDF)


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The Sixteen Arhats are 16 different wise teachers who lived in India and who represent many different aspect of the Buddhist experience. Although these adepts lived in India their stories and accomplishments were taken to China, Japan, and Tibet where they are featured in Buddhist ceremonies.

The wonderful book is a very high quality PDF that contains 16 beautiful paintings of each arhat and a brief biography of their accomplishments. These paintings come from the walls of the shrine room at Thrangu Rinpoche's Vajra Vidya in Sarnath that overlooks the deer park where the Buddha gave his first teaching on the Four Noble Truths to his first five students.

In addition the book has a full color picture of Vajra Vidya and also has a full color sculpture of the four protectors that stands outside Vajra Vidya.

If you are looking at this book in an E-reader, we suggest you set it for 2 pages so the picture is on one side and the text on the other.

This book is out of print so we have made it available as a PDF


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