Manjushri Golden (Downloadable Photo)

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Manjushri is the embodiment of the wisdom of all the buddhas. He is golden in color and holds a flaming sword with a vajra as a handle in this right hand and a lotus flower holding a book of the Prajnaparamita teachings on emptiness in his left hand. His sword cuts through all ignorance so that the true nature of phenomena can be realized. The book in the left hand is the great exposition on the emptiness nature of phenomena in the Mahayana teachings. Above him is Amitabha which is the Buddha family of Manjusri.

When Tibetan monks and other practitioners study they say the brief Manjushri prayer and recite his mantra which is DHIH DHIH DHIH repeatedly to gain clarity of their practice and study.

The Manjushri Wisdom practice can be found in the practice section of this website which explains this in much greater detail.

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You can also order a print of this photo in the Dharma Photos section of this website.


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