Namgyalma or Ushnisha Vijaya (Downloadable Photo)

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There are three major deities that help in longlife practices. These are Amitabha, Namgyalma, and White Tara. We have photos of each of these on the website.

Namgyalma's official name in Sanskrit is Ushnisha Vijaya, but since this deity was adopted by Namgyal monstery she has been called Namgyalma in Tibet.

Namgyalma sits on a white moon disk in the vajra posture. She has three faces each with a third eye--a white face facing forward which represents her peaceful aspect, a yellow face representing her semi-wrathful aspect, and a blue wrathful face. She has eight arms representing her different activities. Going clockwise from her right, is one arm holding Amitabha, another long-life deity, an arrow, a had in the supreme generosity (same as White Tara), at her heart a vase holding amrita, a bow, a hand in the threatening protection mudra and two arms at her heart holding a double dorje.

Namgyalma not only does purification of obstacles that shorten one's life, but she also provides purification for obstacles caused by the disturbing emotions.

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