Vajrasattva in Union (Downloadable Photo)

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Vajrasattva is white signifying purity and sits on a moon disk on top of a lotus throne. In his left hand is an upside down bell resting on his left thigh representing the wisdom aspect and in his right hand is a vajra placed at his heart level representing the skillful means aspect.

Vajrasattva has the special quality of purifying negative karma both accumulated in this present lifetime and also in previous lifetimes. In a purification practice, to greatly simplify, one visualizes Vajrasattva above one's head and then says the 100 syllable mantra (this mantra is very well described in Wikipedia under "Vajrasattva." As one says the mantra, one visualizes from the heart of Varjasattva producing purifying amrita what that comes down and enters ones head and gradually purifies one's entire body.

In this particular Thanka Vajrasattva is in union with his consort representing the feminine aspect of purification.

This set includes two high quality (300dpi) photos which are copyright free. One is 8 by 10 inches and the other is 4 by six inches.

You can also download this image from the website at Practice Images to Download for $ 0.50.


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